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Very early on, Sven Kiefer was fascinated by percussion sound and rhythm. A multipercussionist in the truest sense, he plays the marimbaphone, vibraphone, drums, hand pan, cajón, djembe and other electronic instruments, always with energy and passion. He does not limit himself to one genre. Rather, he lets his fine sense for musicality act as his guide. This leads to constant new sonic creations with a unique and enticing quality. He never fails to surprise his audience. Sven Kiefer sees authenticity as a key to his craftsmanship.

Sven Kiefer – a musician with several strings.

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(Deutsch) Agnus Dei für Chor und Solo Marimba

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Jubilee Vibrations

Do you know about “JUBILEE VIBRATIONS from Marco Pütz?? No ??  Here we go
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